In the USA alone, there are about 44 million borrowers who collectively owe 1.5 trillion dollars in debt! The lack of preparedness for college finances is a major issue within the USA due to the scarcity of awareness and resources.

What it does

Our program implements a chatbot using Google's DialogFlow to answer any outstanding questions the user may have regarding advice, expenses, or the experiences that approach an incoming college student. Financial data was gathered to create a factual, evidence based response for the user.

How we built it

We used HTML and CSS to create the frontend of our web-app, while implementing a DialogFlow API to incorporate the chatbot onto our web

Challenges we ran into

Some of the major challenges that we faced was when we had to implement our chatbot into our web-app. Initially, we got our chatbot on to our web-app, however the chatbot would not respond to any user input.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Nobody on our team had any experience with creating chatbots or web-apps, so this overall project was a huge accomplishment for us. From the basics of front end design to the advanced implementation of public APIs into our code, we self taught ourselves everything from scratch to create a product that ultimately makes entering into college less stressful.

What we learned

HTML CSS The creation and implementation of a chatbot using DialogFlow API How to develop a web app using Visual Studio Code Python

What's next for TeddyBot

For the future, we plan to expand Teddy's knowledge and data analyzation to produce responses to even more detailed questions and doubts the user may have. In addition, we would like to integrate UiPath with our DialogFlow to produce an interactive automated response which the user's can use to get an understanding on how to plan for college financially. UiPath can provide automated forms such as applications for FAFSA and scholarships.

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