As soon as I saw the leap motion on the hardware list, I knew I wanted to combine it with VR in some way. I thought it would be cool to use your hands to perform actions in a game like shooting a fireball or an Iron Man blast.

What it does

It places the user in a sandbox setting where they can play around with supernatural powers using the motions and gestures of their hands.

How I built it

I used leap motion's orion sdk to connect the motion to the oculus rift. Unity was the game engine to bring the scene together.

Challenges I ran into

Leap motion's documentation was challenging to follow, but I eventually found out there was a module that could greatly help me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Even though it isn't much, the first time I got the laser to shoot as a result of pointing a finger or opening your hand out was pretty

What's next for Teddy Laserhands

I'm looking to add more controls for movement, abilities, etc

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