the bench of people who suffer from mental issues that they don`t known about their sickness or just denying

What it does

How we built it:

We're using Unity 3D IDE to create our VR Project as it's one of the most powerful platforms in the tech-field, we also used C# language and Unity to the script. *Apps: -Steam VR app to setup vive, Displaying the mirror to monitoring the project on both screen and vive! *Plugins:

  • HTC Plugin, Steam VR plugin *Devices: HTC Vive!

Challenges we ran into:

  • We came here all along from Egypt after a hell of long trip and travel issues in both the embassy and airport -3 of our team actually got so sick here in Junction and they had to bring us the ambulance, due to the sleeplessness nights and the pressure -We used the HTC Vive device for the first time ever, we spent +10 hours installing it cause of a technical issue here and we are so thankful to the crew for helping us a lot!

  • We supposed to work in a closed area with the Vive so as to reach the best performance and calculate the distances but unfortunately due to the tight number of places here we couldn't have one,and we had to work in an open area which was so difficult for the accuracy, AS A CHALLENGERS, we had to take the Vive to Believe it or not "The Toilet" ; So as to test it and make sure we are hitting the best performance we can do!


Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

Using vive is really amazing and quite good, it is really powerful and has a wide range of features that can really make the best immersive virtual reality in the world that can be used then in the field of health

What's next for Tectum

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