teConnect was inspired by the challenge question posed by the DSpace Deloitte question posed as follows:

"How might we [Deloitte] help a potential investor to understand the big picture of the companies in the KW tech ecosystem across different sectors/industries and access the specific information required for knowledge and decision making. In addition, how would one use this solution to always be ahead of the curve and also get in touch with the right companies, based on their criteria (e.g., sector/industries, capital market, competition, market raised, etc.)?"

As the teConnect team has had prior experience working with startups in the KW region, this project had a personal connection as we truly wanted to create a tool that future startups and investors can use to facilitate the funding process.

Built using HTML5/CSS through Atom, teConnect was designed to be both user-friendly and secure. The web application is a multi-sided platform that allows both investors and startups to create a profile and matching algorithm which will generate tailored search results based on the compatibility between current goals and criteria inputted by both parties. In future, teConnect hopes to connect with interested investors and startups by working with local startup incubators in the KW region.

Our team also had our first experience working with Google's Firebase API. While our team did face challenges implementing a real-time database, we learned a lot through the process. In the end, we are very proud of the results our efforts reaped in building a secure and dynamic platform that will grow with startups as they mature.

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