Techie Education

It is a project based on new digitalized method of education. Now a days things get changed so we also need to be changed. Everything is in through online. So our education can be done through internet or any e-learning we can make it easy and effective.

• Inspiration During covid pandemic education system get collapsed, so it became a great challenge to the educational system. Through that so many people faced many problem. Students lost their classes and exams, it became lack of knowledge in their streams. Many people get failed in their exam and some of them stopped their education. For a solution to this we Need to provide online education, if we provide some E-learning website or application we can make it easy and effective learning.

So we can make websites or application by programing.

• There should be a separate section for teachers and students login section Every students have their own login id and password, so we can separately track each Student’s activity. Each Id also represent their branch. • We can provide recorded classes, notes, projects, each thing have separate option to submit. Which can submit through their own ID. • Recorded classes will be provided each day.(for every subject ) • We can provide live doubt clearance section for each subject daily.(1-2 hours)

By this we can overcome many problems and it should be very help full for absentees and also students can re watch the class as many as they want. And take their notes at home. By this we can learn from anywhere any time. • After developing this application we can make changes according to our situation and needs. Like we can’t conduct exams, seminars etc.

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