We wanted to put a fun 'twist' on a popular childhood game.

What it does

techTwister tells you where to move and detects whether or not you moved to the right color. It also detects if you fall off of the correct colors. You can win twister against the computer if you complete 20 consecutive moves.

How we built it

We used conductive paint as capacitive touch sensors to sense whether or not someone is pressing a certain spot. This connects to python via pyserial and we used the pygame package to add audio features.

Challenges we ran into

Hardware can be very temperamental. We had some issues with wiring as well as properly connecting pygame.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to actually receive capacitive touch sensor values and use those values to make things happen on a computer.

What we learned

We learned about arduino coding, how to make conductive paint, and more about python.

What's next for techTwister

Next we plan to make a version of the game so multiple people can play!

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