We were inspired by some of the difficulties we face as high school students when it comes to learning. Majority of the resources available now are not helpful because they lack interactiveness between the instructor and student. We decided to take the everyday classroom and put it online.

TechTutorMe allows students to not only learn when they want, but when they want. Students are given the option to choose from a variety of topics and subtopics as well as teachers. On this platform, we give students the option to interact with the teacher as well as other students.

We built this using atom. We used html and css. This was our first time actually coding something from start to finish so we had a lot of trouble just figuring out where to start. We had to learn the basics and once we did that we mostly just faced challenges concerning special features. We also had trouble linking our domain to our code.

We are proud of ourselves for learning how to work html and css. We came here fairly unfamiliar with these applications, but in just a few short hours we were able to build a website from scratch. We are also proud of our ability to develop a plan to provide an inclusive and accessible form of education to many people.

As first-time coders, we learned so much about how to build our own website from scratch. We learned from peers, workshops, and mentors about html and css.

For the future of TechTutorMe, we hope to add more subjects on the site, allow face-to-face tutoring (system similar to Uber), and build upon different features (donate buttons, chat box, checkpoints for teachers, etc.)

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