Going virtual hasn't been easy for teachers and students since the pandemic hit. Although we have become more familiar with classes on Zoom, teachers are having a difficult time customizing their lessons to cater to their students. We created a fully customizable flashcard creation and display too. With this tool, teachers can easily create flashcards and use them for virtual activities to engage with students.


Ellen was having a conversation with her sister who is an elementary school teacher and found that her sister was struggling to find and create flashcards that were suitable for her students and easy to share as an activity on her screen during class. Her sister expressed that many platforms did not allow her to customize cards the way she wanted, there was no way to show students whose turn it was to pick a card during the activity, and the timer used for the activity caused confuses and even anxiety for some students. After hearing about this, we decided to create a tool that allowed teachers to customize their flashcard activities and give their students a better experience while participating in the activity.

What it does

Teacher's Pet gives teachers the power to create customized flashcard activities and a fun way to interact with their students through flashcard activities. The website stores lessons (decks of cards), information on the cards, and student information. It also allows teachers to display their cards in a grid style or single card to present to students. The presentation features the queue of students and a timer. Teachers can decide to show or hide either of the features to give their students the best experience.

How we built it

We designed the prototype for Teacher’s Pet using Figma. We built the front-end using React/Redux and built the back-end using Ruby on Rails. We created and displayed data through Microsoft Azure mySQL database.

Challenges we ran into

We had troubles setting up the mySQL database on Microsoft Azure, since none of us had done that before, and we learned a new tool: Azure benchwork. We also had difficulty getting the data to display. Connecting to the database required a lot of time and assistance from the mentors. We were constrained in terms of not being able to edit or view code on multiple screens. We also worked across different time zones varying from NYC, Seattle, CA, to Toronto, Canada! This made collaboration a little difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are a team of aspiring engineers, product managers, and designers and ⅘ of us are bootcamp students/grads, and participating in a hackathon is an accomplishment in itself! We challenged ourselves by learning new technologies like using cloud servers for the first time.

What we learned

We learned how to create a problem statement and a user persona that we could refer back too. We learned to manage and prioritize our time as well as work with others across North America. We learned to use Microsoft Azure mySQL database. For the most beginner of us, we learned how to use git for collaboration (ex. first time making a branch and merging) and also how to clone a repo!

What's next for Teacher's Pet

We hope to implement more functionalities and ultimately turn it into a fully functional web application and mobile app, so teachers will be able to use it in the classroom.

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