The leader of this project searched suitable shoes for decades, but she could not find a solution. She thought there is no choice but to make it herself! We are striving to provide services of the solution solution that is thought so. There must be some people who are suffering from the same symptoms as the one in the world. I thought about creating a "problem sharing community" that participants do not have to look for suitable shoes for decades in the same way.

What it does

TechTech is a community where people with troubles on their feet can consult their troubles. In addition to just consulting with words, photographing feet with a smartphone and uploading 3D foot data with a dedicated application to the server. You can consult with a consultant online who can not see in real chat while sharing image data of feet.

How I built it

We built this app with messenger API. We used py-messenger to generate python-wrapped API response.

What's next for TechTech

We would like to gather as many partner companies as possible to provide solutions for the troubles of the feet, this platform will become a one-stop for troubleshooting of the feet, answers from the chat form consultation will be taken in answers from AI which learned the past dialogue.

Built With

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