Inspiration 📢

Two of our team members (Kelly and Architha) shared previous challenges they endured with getting the right support and material to learning computer science. So, we were inspired to build this app for people like them to have an accessible resource for learning computer science that is both free and convenient to use as an app rather than a website. We also understand that there is a shortage of qualified teachers to teach computer science, especially in disadvantaged communities. So, TechTeach was created to combat this inequality, raising the opportunities for students and teachers all over to learn about computer science from the comfort of their phones.

What it does 👩‍💻

TechTeach is an IOS app where teachers can assign courses and articles for their students. So far, our courses include numerous different programming languages, like HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, and Java. With a minimal design, we incorporated extra practice handouts and a tracking system to keep track of students' progress.

How we built it 🧠

We used Miro, which is an online whiteboard where we mapped out our ideas. Then, we used Thunkable to design and code TechTeach into a functional app. Thunkable utilizes Scratch as its main coding language.

Challenges we ran into 😲

Only one person was able to work with Thunkable at a time, which created some time and efficiency issues for us. This platform also limited our plans for a focus on UX/UI, but we organized the information in clear text boxes with sufficient margins. We were also able to combat this challenge by utilizing Miro to create the prototype that the main coder could reference. This way, writing the code in Thunkable was efficient and well structured.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🏅

We created an efficient prototype in Miro that we could constantly adjust throughout our development. Despite being a randomly assigned team with an additional last-minute member (Architha), we prospered in collaboration and teamwork!

What we learned 🦾

We learned how to create a prototype design using Miro and learned how to code with Scratch within the Thunkable platform. We dedicated different members to different roles and created an efficient working system.

What's next for TechTeach 🚀

In the future, we want to add additional computer language courses, add a system for feedback/help from other members of the app, and expose as many children as we can to the STEM field through this app. In the future, we see TechTeach being implemented into schools that may not have the resources to support a formal computer science class.

Built With

  • app
  • ios
  • miro
  • thunkable
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