I wanted to improve the virtual learning experience. Working from home and online education is going to be the new norm, and yet we are left with basic video calls and ironically that leave us more disconnected from the content we are learning. I was wondering why it took me two hours to finish a 1 hour online lecture, but I and thousands of others could watch Twitch streamers for several hours no problem. I believe the problem is lack of engagement. Watching streamers on twitch is fun because viewers can actively react and engage with the streamer through chat. At the same time, the streamer is able to judge how well their content is doing based on how their chat is reacting.

What it does

TechTeach is a platform for students to easily provide live feedback during live and pre-recorded lectures. This is done through time stamped reactions where a student can let the professor know exactly when they don't understand a topic, when they do, and more. The data is saved to a database, and presented to the teacher so they can better understand their audience and improve the overall online education experience.

How I built it

I created the front end in html, bootstrap and js. I used the youtube api and django to design the timestamps and backend logic. I also used plotly for the embedded data visualization.

Challenges I ran into

Working with django (it was my first time) and trying to get google cloud NLP to add in a smart q&a feature (ran out of time for that).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Watching a 4 hour django tutorial at 2x speed and understanding at least 40% of it.

What I learned

How to use django. The ups and downs of working independently, and using multiple languages together.

What's next for TechTeach

Adding NLP to remove repeated questions and linking answers to time stamped questions back to the students for easy viewing!

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