Since the tech industry is predominantly male, I thought about the little microaggressions and impostor syndrome that is prevalent in the workplace. By providing people with a space to report disruptions in the work environment, it can help CEOs improve relations and make the female workers more comfortable in the workspace.

What it does

Employees can write down any general complaints about the social environment and it will be stored in a database that only the boss can access

How I built it

I used mainly firebase to store all of the information and the user inputs the information anonymously.

Challenges I ran into

Storing the data in the realtime database, also had to create the project last minute. My original idea was a 2d platformer where characters had to overcome "doubt" to achieve their goals (medals), and if they reached the end they would become a "true" programmer.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a project last minute despite not having the first idea work out. Making the database functional and learning how to utilize firebase.

What I learned

I learned how to use firebase and implement it into web apps. I also learned a little bit about unity despite not completing a full platformer game.

What's next for TechSupport

Working on storing the data locally and fixing the sign in feature. Including motivational messages to empower those who may be discouraged and unconfident.

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