Ever felt lost choosing a new gadget? Not only are there so many choices available, but current product search services overwhelm users with unnecessary options.

This is what inspired us to create TechRekt - answer a few questions, and bam - get matched with a perfect choice. Easy to use, and efficient for the non-tech-savvy to the technologically adept.

A perfect gadget needs your ideal specs, so we needed a framework to obtain this information. After a quick search, we found Semantics3 - a powerful e-commerce API listing 46 million consumer products, with categorization and specification support. It was exactly what we needed.

To create an intuitive atmosphere for the user, we aimed for a flat, simple UI with friendly colors and minimal scrolling. We wanted the resulting user experience to be streamlined and linear, with clear affordances and constraints.

What happens when you visit the site? First, you select one of four personal gadgets you want (smartphone, laptop, tablet, e-reader). Second, you fill out a quick survey (up to 8 questions) of your desired specifications. That's it! Once you're done with that, we'll recommend a perfect match - the cheapest product that matches as many of your specifications as possible.

You just got TechRekt.

Now, you could buy the recommended product, but if you'd still like more choices, our match gives you a specific product to base your search around, bypassing the sea of options you'd otherwise encounter.

We had a lot of fun making TechRekt in the time that we had! In the future, we'd like to improve the UI, increase the number of types of products supported, and perhaps even introduce a search function.

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