The last few years we invested time in creating a showcase to use and talk about at Techorama. Our ambition is to be more professional in our approach.

What it does

Use emerging technologies to create an eye - catching experience, inline with the topic of the Expo.

How I built it

Not yet :-). We invite people to a brainstorm - session.

Challenges we expect

There is a lack of robotics - knowledge. So we have to fill in those gaps ourselves. Learning how to manage them can be time - consuming and pretty challenging.

What I want to accomplish

  • We want to start with a brainstorm session.
  • Get some little subprojects where we can work on
  • eg: Computer Vision : recognize stuff, ...
  • Robotics & IoT : move motors, sense motion, ...
  • Emotive UI : render faces through GAN's
  • ...

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