Our inspiration was this film: We decided to create a VR game based on the famous character of TechnoViking, and show Ragnarok in a dancing techno universe. :)

What it does

The game is quite simple:

  1. TechnoViking chases you through Ragnarok (with pretty nice dancing movements and incredibly special effects), so, well, you have to run away. Run away pretty fast. With techno music in the background.
  2. He's faster than you (he's a viking after all), so you have to grab everything you find on your way and throw it to slow him down. Hammers, axes, helmets or programming-ducks are the best. Ducks are pretty deadly if you didn't know that.
  3. The longer you run, the better the score. You can also win the game... but good luck with that, it's not easy to beat the invincible TechnoViking, the God of Techno. We hope you will enjoy it. :)

How we built it

We build it using Unity (C#) and Google Cardboard SDK. The game is playable on Android phones, but the attached video was recorded in Unity Editor (PC), as on the phones it shows two cameras at once - one for each of the Google Cardboard's lens.

Challenges we ran into

Google Cardboard API is quite sophisticated, it also takes some time to build the game and run it on the phone. That makes debugging much harder. Also, the hardest part of creating video games are 3D graphics and animations. Thankfully, we had Szymon, who's a pro. :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We think our graphics are great and the gameplay is quite addictive. :) It's a great result for 24 hours of work.

What we learned

We learned pretty nice dancing moves. But also a lot about Unity, 3D models optimization for mobiles and VR.

What's next for TechnoViking

We think of improving it and releasing on PC and maybe GooglePlay as well, as it already works quite nice for GoogleCardboard VR. :)

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