The inspiration is that I am a high school student myself and there many databases that are very interacting so that is what inspired me to make a database that is more interactive.

What it does

This database can be used for research purposes, like history research. The targeted audience is mostly high school and middle school students.

How we built it

I focused more on the graphics and user interface. That is why I used powerpoint slides instead html and CSS and to reach out goals in the timeframe.

Challenges we ran into

I couldn't decide wether we should focus more on the the events or the individual technology. But later I decided to sort them based on the technology.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I are proud of our is the AI interface that I implement in my search feature.

What we learned

I learned about different war technologies.

What's next for Technology of War

I would probably want to make this a crowd sourcing platform like wikipedia.

Built With

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