When moving to a new location, we often find outselves looking for what are the most active communities around the technolgies being used in that area. This is an important consideration when working on a startup, doing freelance work, or looking for a job as you want to be using a technology that is popular in the area. The knowledge equips one to be able to hire abundant competent developers, learn more about the technology in person, and be part of an active community to drive innovation.

What it does

Lets you query specific technologies and filter by locatino to see which frameworks, languages, and platforms are in use in a particular area, ranked by popularity. Clicking on a technology expands a card to reveal job postings, meetup events, descriptions, and tags related to that technology.

How I built it

Meteor.js backend queries several different APIs, including StackOverflow, Meetup, and Glassdoor in order to find the relative strength of the communities surrounding each technology for a particular area. That data is then streamed to the client so they can be updated in real-time about activities going on related to that technology.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Technology-Dialects

Supporting more technologies in the stack.

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