Many cities have public technology resources such as computers with internet or public wifi.  Technology training is often available at these technology resources. City's have the locations for these public resources on their web site.  However, if you are seeking the use of a computer or interent you are least likely to have one at your home.   Wouldn't it be nice to be able to call a phone number and find public technology resources in your area? Techno Finder uses the City of Chicago data source to locate public technology sources in a zip code.  Simply call the phone number and technology resources in your area will be read over the phone.  Select one of the locations on the keypad to hear more information about that resource.  The location can then be sent to you via text message.   Click on any of the icons to find out more information about the location.   Looking for public Wi Fi hot spots in the City of Chicago?  Techno finder has a mobile component that allows users to view public wifi locations on the map. Visiting Chicago or not sure where to find public wifi locations? Go to in your browser or on your mobile smart phone.  The map shows locations with the public wifi.  

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