To recycle electronic waste and maximize human creativity.

What it does

Technical Shredder is a digital entity that unempathetically shreds any and all images it consumes to the pixel, allowing you to repurpose outputted pixels in any way you desire. We provide the canvas, you bring your imagination (and pixels to feed Technical Shredder). The possibilities are endless.

[Please use responsibly. Our computer vision algorithms will know if you attempt to use Technical Shredder on unsafe or explicit content.]

How we built it

We use OpenCV to access your computer's webcam. Google Cloud Vision is used to shred and analyze consumed images. turns the pixels we extract from your image to a toolbox for creating modern art™ with a spice of randomness.

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we proud of

// todo, lots

What we learned

Python, the Processing library, Google Cloud APIs, the mess that is ARKit, Unity, particle effects, Mathematica, etc.

What's next for Technical Shredder

Kickstarter, probably.

Built With

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