Currently, we are struggling our way through interview process. We can understand the pain, recruiters go through in order to select perfect candidates for the specified role. We don't think that the current process is wrong, but we think it is flawed.

What it does

We are using Alexa skills to ask the technical questions, which will be hard coded using Node.js. For example, we have 100 applicants selected through ATS. The first level of interview will be conducted through Alexa. This saves the time for both Technical as well as HR recruiter. We are using Dynamo DB to store the results from Alexa and IBM Watson will be used to process the results which can filter the top students accordingly.

How we built it

We used Lambda function to define our logic for question and answers. Then we linked the Lambda function with our Alexa skills.

Challenges we ran into

We are having some hard time in storing data from Alexa to Dynamo DB and process it accordingly. However, we are also facing some accent issues with Alexa.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating successful Lambda functions, which interacts with the candidate. It effectively captures the input from the candidate and stores the value.

What we learned

We had zero knowledge on Lambda function and its usage. We achieved and learned a lot about Alexa skills, Lambda functions and Integrating AWS services.

What's next for Technical Interviewer

Due to the lengthiness of the process , we are not able to compare and compute the results in IBM Watson. We would like to continue our project and make a successful prototype of our product. We think this concept not only mitigates the issues of a recruiter, but also for candidates.

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