Keep track of your TODOs and FIXMEs

Every time a developer does a 'git push' to push to a repository - the files are scanned for TODO and FIXME comments. These are then tracked and displayed on a per repository basis. Once a comment is removed - that resolves the task.

Format support

We currently support Java/C style comments and markup style comments. We have included a default set of extensions that are searched for as well as an admin console for admins to add additional file extensions matching those comment styles in case we left anything out!

If there are any other file formats that needs to be accounted for - please let us know. We plan to add Python/Perl/Ruby style comments in our next release.

Technical debt reporting

Its never been easier to keep track of technical debt, as well as other quick task reminders, while you're working. Developers have no more context switching and are provided an easy reference to go back to in order to decide what needs extra attention. See what it finds, when it was entered and how many times it has been found.

Users and future plans

So far we've had more than a few requests to add functionality to our plugin so we know people are finding it useful. We intend to extend this plugin with many additional features such as voting on tasks, jira issue creation from tasks and eventually code checks (ala checkstyle) along with many more awesome ideas!

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