Accomplishments that we're proud of

Most of us are starting from 0 experience on business case competition. We were confused and don't know where to start. Out patience and perseverance lead us to carefully read the case, summarize points we need and ultimately come up a solution for the problem. We are proud that we have actually accomplished this case competition for the first time grouping with others internationally.

What we learned

Tackling with a case competition, especially starting from reading a long document for the case, requires skills and experience. When facing a case, instead of word-by-word reading through it and get discouraged by the huge amount of information presented; we should skim through the case and figure of what's the problem first. Taking the problem we need to deal with back to the case can help us filter out the necessary information. Now things get simple. By utilizing our knowledge in the technical field and our experience, we can process the information and draw insights.

What's next for Technical Analysis

We would like to obatin the dataset for customer activity on dropbase which we can analyze and predict a customer's expected action on drop base. By predicting what the next customer need, we can prepare the storage and computing power saving the excessive waste and the incurred cost.

Built With

  • analysis
  • pitch
  • research
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