We realized that most home-search websites don't tailor results to the user. Whether you're single or in a family of four, NeighborGood uses valuable data on crime rates, school performance, proximity to special interest points, and other metrics in order to find the perfect place for _ you _. It aggregates data from Fannie Mae, Shine, Google Maps, and

How Does NeighborGood work?

The website attempts aggregates data from different sources using information in the sources above. We are particularly proud of the fact that the various data point include parking information, for example preference in parking if a person would liked street or covered parking. The future home owner can find a home to suit their exact lifestyle needs. It can be the college lifestyle, the working life or just the best place for kids to live in. This website can incorporate all that information and help you narrow down your search.

How We Built It

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Google Maps API, Fannie Mae API, Shine API

Accomplishments that we're proud of and Challenges we ran into

We are all first-time hackathon attendees who have learned a lot about implementing APIs, hosting servers, developing websites, and more. Although it was a time consuming task, we spent the most effort in trying to get the backend with the server to work with the front end of out Website.

What is next for us!

We hope as a team we will be able to expand into different areas, and not just have the small amount of data incorporated. If given more time we will be able to expand and give more options for future homeowners to pick the right locality for them.

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