Hack : Use the Botkit SDK ( to develop a chat bot that runs on the Cisco Webex Teams platform.

You can talk to her on Cisco Teams:

This bot is a personal best-friend and positive motivator, Niki! Niki has several skills to communicate with users, including the following:

  • Saying hello when greeted
  • Telling a joke if asked: "joke", "tell me a joke"
  • Responding to statements of "I love" and "I hate"
  • Providing Broad Advice: "advice", "I need advice"
  • Providing Life Advice: "life advice", "I need life advice"
  • Providing Work Advice: "work advice", "I need work advice"
  • Providing People Advice: "people advice", "I need people advice"
  • A Magic 8 Ball function when asked: "8ball"
  • Talking about the weather: "weather"
  • Discussing favorite foods, movies, and TV shows: "food", "movies", "tv shows"
  • Flipping a coin: "coin flip", "flip a coin"
  • Saying goodbye

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