Inspiration - All of us have faced difficulty finding friends in class after a certain point in our school career. Students have a tendency to stick with their groups that were formed during their first 2 years of college. Making it difficult for people to find friends who transferred to school or who did not socialize during their first few years of school.

What it does - our script combines canvas and slack to provide a easy to use and convenient way to interact in the classroom while being both fun and productive.

How we built it - We used Python and Json to build upon existing API to make it all possible

Challenges we ran into - Originally our plan was to incorporate google hangout and drive into this project but we were unable to get permission from the school to allow API access to our school accounts and personal accounts had fees up to 12$/year per account.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We found new friends and challenge other people to make friends in the classroom.

What we learned - Coding is hard

What's next for TechNFriends - Icecream? and Fortune 500

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