We are archiving uncountable innovation on innovation owners' shelves that can change the world we are living in it. Some of those are scientifically proven and protected with a patent, although missing innovation examples are like :

  • A new method for making functional textiles and fibers - textiles
  • Car sickness control unit - hardware
  • Improved resolution for a moving object - SaaS
  • Pasta highly enriched with vegetables - agriculture and food

Yes, understanding those concepts is hard; finding a proper team for making an idea comes to life is time and energy-consuming. We are going to help you to get your hands over innovation and try to solve those challenges. By this means, we can make an impact on the economy and social life.

What it does

It is an open innovation platform that seeks innovation and challenges, inspires people, and collects proposals for those innovations. Here is our 3 hypothesis:

  • We can engage people by posting our challenges video and a brief description to visit our platform and register.
  • People are going to motivate to put their time for posting the proposal for the innovation challenges.
  • Innovation centers are going to pay for proposals published by people with no validated resume. ## How we built it We are going to collect patents and published researches and innovative challenges and post them into an online platform to engage entrepreneurs and talented people who are looking to make an impact.

Challenges we ran into

It's always hard to understand a patent and innovation. Looking for talented people is time-consuming. Data regulation and privacy is a concern that we should take care of.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Launching our MVP functional auto scale and beautifully designed.

What we learned

It's possible to bring an idea to life in 7 days.

What's next for Techlaim, Open innovation platform

We are going to continue our way and make our platform mature. It's going to be a social network for innovation.

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