I was inspired after seeing the trouble my grandparents went through when trying to call us all the way from India. It was hard to help them with their issues regarding technology, like working the phone, or fixing laptops. After seeing this, I wondered how many people struggle with learning technology, that is when I started this idea. Shortly after, COVID-19 entered everyones life. when I launched my service, it became beneficial to help everyone communicate with relatives.

What it does

Through my website, anyone can access weekly videos for simple troubleshooting problems or videos on services, like Google Drive or email. Additionally, they can register for 1 on 1 sessions with mentors through video calls, on the phone, or email.

How I built it

I built the website from the host service GoDaddy and used WordPress for the layout and theme. Along with the basic formats provided, to make customized changes, I added HTML code to incorporate my own ideas. It took time to make the appearance appealing and having the right amount of content without overloading the pages to keep the audience engaged.

Challenges I ran into

It took time to make the ticketing system work and ensure confirmation emails went through. Plus, marketing my service to older generations required some time, however, with the help of family, it is a service that is provided internationally, as well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the expansion of TechHelpers4U because I never thought that it would become widespread and international past my grandparents and their friends. It makes me feel proud that I am engaging others in the transition into the modern world with its advancements in technology.

What I learned

From this process, I have learned that everything requires time, patience, and hard work for the desired outcome. I have also learned to take my time with my customers because it can be hard to understand because they might not be as comfortable with their devices as I am with mine.

What's next for TechHelpers4U

I hope to start classes to teach in person at local libraries to make it more hands on rather than virtual learning because not all people can learn virtually. Additionally, I hope to start adding more than just technology help and expand to incorporate a special section for seniors that cannot physically attend physical therapy due to COVID-19.

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