The hackathon's aim is to create new ideas to assist refugees and organizations that help them.

We built 3 components for this hackathon.

The first one is the app. Employment is one of the biggest factor of long term success of refugees in their new country. However there are many barriers to make employment successful. Common issues are the lack of industry and cultural knowledge, discrimination, lack of Australian work experience and lack of targeted services.

The Askari app plans to alleviate those issues by linking refugee with mentors that are willing to reach out and provide customised mentorship that can address the issues listed above.

The second one is the Askari API platform. This is the API that powers the Askari App. The API is designed as a SaaS solution for other organization within the space that wishes to run a matching system such as matching refugee with lawyers, translators, etc. This would reduce the organization's development time and costs by 50% or more and would enable deployment of other solutions that can assist refugees.

The third is The website provides information for the app and the documentation for the API.

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