Technological changes such as automation and artificial intelligence are expected to transform the entire landscape. We believe that most children today will work in jobs that haven’t been invented... We believe that most childern today will once use technologies that haven’t been thought yet... and yes, we believe that most children today may have to face challenges that we don't even know they were coming! Or would you have expected a Shut-Down of many systems just few months ago?

What it does:

Techeroes is an app that teaches kids & teens between 6 and 18 years old the future relevant skills such as: coding, robotics or creative problem solving. Techeroes offers learning content in the form of DIY tutorials for children and young people. Our young users are accompanied by currently 10 superheroes and learn through exciting STEM projects and the conscious use of digital media and on top of that… with fun! In addition, children are encouraged to let off steam creatively and find their own solutions!

How we built it:

The design for the app was built with Photoshop and After Effects. The superheroes were actively created together with children. This supports the identification to the superheroes. The app should be usable for as many age groups as possible so that it meets the needs of small children. However, the app is also suitable for older children and teenagers due to different levels of difficulty.

Challenges we ran into:

We have been chatting and calling each other, but we have never met. Some things would have been better to discuss working together on a room. Nevertheless the team-work has been great.

Accomplishments that we are proud of:

Although we started working on this project only a week ago, we have come very far and the team has been very determined and diligent. We are very proud to see that children love the techeroes -a project which was created already one year ago- and start to identify with them…such a reaction makes us very happy. With the new leisure app we want to close the gap to online activities so we are always available for our creative kids.

What we learned:

Team-Building: The people at the hack were just great and working with them was a lot of fun. And it's really amazing with what imaginative ideas people come up with here and what you can get up and running in just a few days with a colourful team. From previous experiences with the Techeroes project, we have seen how super smart kids are sometimes even more productive than some of the managers and bosses we have worked with before ;o))

What's next for Techeroes:

We would like to bring our concept into reality and have the possibility to work with organizations all over the globe. Our main goal is to steal kids hearts and stay in their minds as the number one eLearning platform for 21st century skills. The Techeroes plattform offers the children great opportunity to develop their skills in their free time. Kids can try out varied leisure activities and find their strengths in new areas that were previously unknown to them. Due to its expandability and the creation of new heroes, this app could also be used during school. It simply offers so many possibilities, but the first step is to complete the app.


Further information about the superheroes can be found here:

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