Due School Closures, teachers struggle to keep their students happy, engaged and motivated in teaching remotely, especially when the only tools they have are a physical text book and a video interface such as Zoom to deliver their class. This results in frustrated teachers (and parents) and bored, disinterested students.

What it does

TeacherNator transforms teaching by connecting existing business tools, such as Contentful and Miro, to create, present and consume interactive curriculum content in fun, dynamic and compelling way. With TeacherNator, teachers can take control of the curriculum and students can be more involved in their learning.

How we built it

Once the team converged on the idea of building a tool to support education in a school context, selection of technologies was easy: Deep Contentful knowledge was readily available in the team, and all members were well familiar with Miro from the perspective of a user and the value that a collaboration tool can bring to facilitate group work. As the MACH approach is second-nature to everyone at Valtech, the overall architecture quickly fell into place. There was surprisingly little iteration required to nail down the vision and how it could match the pieces available to us via integration of existing solutions.

Challenges we ran into

Uniform, the final piece in the puzzle, was the most challenging aspect to properly integrate in a way that generates value. i.e. guiding students towards topics that interest them or help them gain a deeper understanding.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Many team members, although all being part of the same global company and family, have never met before. Nevertheless, we immediately hit the ground running as a team with a common goal. At the same time, mostly everyone already has a day-job / regular project work and the commitments that come with that. Still, the team put in the required effort and more, involving working deep into the night to bring TeacherNator into your hands.

What we learned

Building powerful tools from simple ideas can be easy and fun!

What's next for TeacherNator

In the upcoming iterations, we want to include a Video-Conferencing solution so the teachers can get in contact with their students directly from within the TeacherNator page. Besides from that, we want to extend the analytics functions we can use from to present more information to the teacher, for example: which of the single content modules have been most viewed by the students. This way, the teachers are able to focus on the contents that have been viewed less during the live sessions. The same analytics data can be collected in the Miro Board to give the teachers hints about which students have participated or are still lacking in participation. Along with the tracking functionality, we plan to automate the creation of exercise boards in Miro directly based on the contents stored in Contentful. This will reduce the workload for the teachers so that they can focus more on curating the questions and, ultimately, support their students.

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