TechDraw is an educational math application that brings drawing and equation editing capability to the iPad that was previously available only on a computer. It combines geometric and user-defined shapes and mathematical symbols with full upper- and lower-case Latin and Greek character sets to provide comprehensive mathematical expression capability. TechDraw makes math cool for middle-school students by providing a modern mobile platform tool and a built-in social media interface. Document data can be transferred by either email or a shared Evernote account for collaborative work and backup, and images of the drawings can be emailed and shared on the popular social networking sites. A full user manual is included within the application.

Teachers can set specific problems using the application and post them to a shared Evernote account for students to download and work on, or ask the students to design solutions to conceptual questions. The students can either complete the assignments by themselves and upload their answers, or work collaboratively in groups. TechDraw also engages students by enabling them to post their work to the popular social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

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