Mark Andreesen says sw is eating the world. we call bs on this. data enabled by great hw/sw= compelling product experiences! thats why a consumer electronics hit is 50 million units, not 5000 on indiegogo!

We decided to HW Hackup something that 50 million users could use without having to write a line of code. That constraint led us to torture test the hardware made available to us by the great technologists here -- Ford, Qualcomm, Intuit (Trash Amps) -- and saw what we could hack up that actually Solves a problem our user base would care about!

Our team of veteran car hackers (Abdul's an alumni of the Google GDG Hyundai Android car SDK event at the GooglePlex, rachel won $10,000 prize from mercedes benz hack with the best! we solve the problem of couples, families w/ kids & friends going on a long roadtrip and being able to get the end of it without killing each other!!!

What It Does

We let you share control of the In car speaker & Screen UI Front & Back system. from your Phones. U can show web View Yuotube Videos to the Back seat folks whle u get your Twitter & Facebook Notifications spoke to you, Google Maps Turn by Turn directions & Get an #AutoMagic experience. Forget #LeanBack this #DriveBack UI that does somthings like magic & lts you Undistracted Control others.

Challenges We Ran Into

After testing every HW here we decided to HW Mash the Qualcomm Snapdragon & Ford Sync Screens to mirror a SUV Dual screen System. we wanted to use the HushConcert Headseat & sync theLED's on top to the Liliput Touch Screen didn't work as a touch screen but we used the Logitech Wreless in the Badass Qualcomm HW Baller Engineer Kit (the Best ive Seen HandsDown & Im a IoT

Accomplishments We're Proud Of

we HW hacked The Ford Sync TDK (Best #CarTech to play Youtube without a special App downloaded to HW & Got it to Play all Notifications & UI Actions as a KnightRider K.I.T.T. w/out without violating the Ford TOS. Use the Quallcomm snapdragon as a Controller for the Liliput Touch screen Controlled by the Logitech Wireless keyboard & a Amazon Fire Android Phone.

How We Built It

By turning on Speakable Items in Android hacked together with Bluetooth screen Share. We also can still

Built With

  • ford
  • hardware-hacking
  • lilliput
  • logitech
  • qualcomm
  • synctdk
  • trash-amps
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