• Less Social Interactions During this pandemic situation, many people found not interacting with people around.
  • Less Diverse Environment Many people are uncomfortable interacting with other people of different gender, country, etc. and some people want to but don't find diversity around.
  • Effective Collaboration During practicing something or building projects we need companions of the same interest and field but many times could not find anyone.

What it does

  • The main idea of our project is like any user can search anything( C++, web development) tags basically on the search bar and can get user profiles based on those tags, user profile would contain the tags as well as the links of their socials so that the user who is searching can easily identify others and can connect limitlessly. *Connecting many different people on a platform based on their type and interests. *Build tags so that users can search other users based on every tag and the search bar help them to surf and find those appropriate people. *Proving links of platforms they are already using so that another user can view their profile and connect with them on other platforms.

How we built it

We have chosen the MERN stack for building this, we divided the work for frontend and backend, We implemented first the UI ie frontend, Login, Logout and Signup, and the most important things was to make backend functionality were the tags of a particular user profile was stored and whenever a user would search they would get the profile under same tags.

Challenges we ran into

  • This is a MERN project so routing, connecting the backend with the frontend, and also we got some errors while deploying the whole frontend and backend to Heroku because of some error in MongoDB.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are proud that we had collaborated well, each and everyone actively participated and did their work at their level best besides having different timezones. We completed the designing part with Figma early and started with coding the frontend and we have accomplished our idea as planned.

What we learned

  • We learned many things from collaboration on this project as well as from very informative workshops that would definitely help in the future. We learned how to used Figma effectively, how to integrate front-end and backend while each of us was working on different sections. We learned to put up our ideas into implementation as reality.

What's next for TechConnect

  • GeoLocation-- We would build a platform to search based on the location.

  • Chatting and Video Calling-- We would integrate chatting and video apps into our web platform.

  • Gamified Platform-- connecting other people would be so fun if would make it gamified.

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