We often want to build personal projects to learn new things or to build a product for our business idea. It is very common that for an individual, it is often a requirement to involve other people to build their project or business product with them. We thought that why don't we provide a platform as an Android application for people who are looking for project partners to learn something new or because they know one part (such as front end or back end) but need another person to build the other part of their application. So basically, it connects people to build something together.

What it does

It is basically an Android application which has multiple views for a user. We are defining the functionality of this application in below steps.

  1. Sign Up and Login Area. First of all, user can sign up for the application and after that he/she can login to go to main Dashboard area.
  2. Dashboard Area: Dashboard area is the main screen which user will see when he/she will login into the application. Dashboard area will contain a card list view of all the posts of requirements that other users have posted using their application. So User can basically see the other people's posts and if he/she can send a request to connect with that person if they are interested.
  3. Create a Post: User can create a new post to look for partners which all other users can see through our server. To create a post, user will fill up some basic information such as what his/her project is about and what skills he/she is looking in a potential match.
  4. Profile View: User can see other people's profiles if they are public by the owner.
  5. Notification: If user has a notification from some potential match, then he/she will be notified.

Note: - Our application is not entirely complete but we have build major parts for our application.

How we built it

We used Android Studio for building the android application and used flask to build the server to store data and to process requests. In server, we are using MySQL database. For android, we build mutiple activities and fragments for different screens and we used Android Material Design for our application's appearance.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenges. We would like to list some of those challenges.

  1. Designing the flow of our application. We had constant discussions and improvements on the design part of our application.
  2. Development on server side. We explored various options to build server side code such as Django, FireBase, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud etc. We tried many different things and took a lot of help from mentors to finalize our server side coding part.
  3. We also improved our code after peer reviews.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am a software coach at my university. I often see people with non-technical background come looking for technical people to help them build their product and often they need partnership rather than one time payment. Today, we believe we worked for those people who are non-technical or even technical and looking to build something awesome with other people who have similar or different type of skill sets.

What we learned

We learnt a lot in terms of technically and working dedicately for a mission. The best part for our team was to believe in the idea and business model for our application. We were just focused on building something creative and innovative which can server a purpose for someone. If this pplication is even used by only 10 people, we are successful in our mission.

What's next for TechBuddy

This application was too vast that 36 hours was not enough to build it completely from scratch to a full product. Also, we had many technical issues which further delayed our development and review purpose. We are planning to finish the first version of this application in a week and then we will give the first version to our application to our friend's for testing purpose.

We have planned to put this application on Play Store in a month's time after building its complete functionality and initial user feedback.

If this application is used by many people, then we would want to apply machine learning on people's post to find potential project partner for them.

Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

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