## AI-Based-traffic-control-system

What Inspired Us?

Our team acknowledges that the world is facing a serious issue of Road Accidents on a daily basis due to reckless driving and carelessness of the public. The World Health Organization has noted that road accidents are a major public health problem as crashes kill more than 1.25 million people and injure about 50 million people a year, with 90% of such casualties occurring in developing countries. Thus, this becomes really crucial to look into this problem seriously. So, here our team tech_bluff came up with an AI-Based Traffic control System to tackle this issue.

What We Learned?

We learned many ways of overcoming obstacles, as well as various approaches to developing code.

What We Built and How?

Our smart solution includes mainly the following solutions:

  1. Vehicle speed detection
  2. Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  3. Pedestrian detection
  4. Helmet detection These solutions are built on Python backend. We trained our models on Neural Network.

Challenges We Faced

The challenges we ran into were the complications of the code. Training the custom AI model on a large dataset and optimizing the accuracy of the solution were equally challenging.


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to complete our smart compliance within a few days with the best Accuracy.

What's next for AI-Based-traffic-control-system

Our Smart Traffic Control System can be deployed on edge device. The data of defied can be uploaded securely in real-time to web browsers where authorized users can log in to their password-protected on-line accounts from anywhere and can take legal action against the lawbreakers.

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