• One our team members actually knows someone who has died because they hadn't received CPR, and so we wanted to develop something that can change this ## What it does
  • It is an app that trains you by directing you to a VR simulation on how to do CPR ## How we built it
  • We built it through swift and unity ## Challenges we ran into
  • We ran into tons of challenges with our VR, as unity was new to all of this, and it was our first time.
  • Big problem that killed the most time was not getting the controllers to show up ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
  • We are proud that we were able to create a VR aspect that can train someone on CPR
  • We are proud of the user interface we built in the app ## What we learned
  • We definitely learned a lot about unity
  • We are defiantly going to go home and learn more about it and mess around with it more
  • We learned a lot about the importance of User Interface ## What's next for Tech4Change
  • We are gonna add on more to the app for example - Being able to actually report a person or incident near you

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