While thinking about how we wanted to execute our ideas, we had to think about what will appeal to the audience, what will make them want to keep reading and most importantly, what will we do inspire them. Having little to no experience with programming, we wanted to make sure that whatever we do code turned out to be as inspiring and fun to read as possible. After having a thorough discussion and brainstorming ideas, we decided to approach our project two different ways. To start off, we coded a website using Komodo Edit and Git Hub and chose HTML as our programming language. We coded "Tech Over the World" by using the basic HTML knowledge we had. The idea behind our project was to inspire women all around the world to learn more about careers in the STEM Field and hopefully pursue them. Today, only 25% of women work in the STEM field. As women, we think it is crucial for more of us to explore careers paths outside the "norm." We strongly believe that women need to understand that they are so much more than cooks and secretaries and housewives; women are strong individuals with a determination and passion like no one else. We really wanted to emphasize that with what we made. The second way we approached this project was with WIX.com. We wanted to make our website to appear the way it would when we finished coding it. As for the future of this project, we plan on making an app that incorporates all aspects of the website and adds some new features. In the app, we plan on having a chat box that lets women all around the world discuss their thoughts and ideas about Technology and other aspects of the STEM field. We hope to have volunteer mentors that will provide those in need with assistance. We will have postings about upcoming hackathons and tech events around the world by incorporating the geolocation tool. We hope that "Tech Over the World" empowers women everywhere to consider and follow a STEM career path in the future.

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