We wanted to make a fitness app that helps people perform strength exercises with perfect form to ensure the best results and minimize the risks of injury.

What it does

TrainAr uses Augmented Reality to show the user the perfect place to put their hands to perform a particular exercise, and the wearable device we designed and built ensures the body stays aligned properly for the exercise.

How we built it

The Augmented Reality and the app were built in Unity using Android Studio and ARCore. We used Blender to create 3D models of hands. To create the wearable device, we attached an Intertial Measurement Unit to an Arduino 101 and wrote a script to calculate the roll, pitch and yaw of both the IMU sensor and the Arduino. These were then mounted to a participant using safety pins to attach to their shirt, at the top of their back and the back of their waist respectively.

Challenges we ran into

A lot of challenges arose with getting the Arduino to run and produce the data that we needed, as well as getting the data from the Arduino into Unity so that we can perform calculations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the hands on the AR app, as well as the Arduino and how we mounted it on the belt which is the wearable tech

What we learned

We learned a lot about using Unity, dealing with the C# language as well as learning how to use and program the Arduino to do what we needed it to do for this project.

What's next for TrainAr

Moving past pushups to help people with their form for pullups, handstands, muscle-ups as well as continue to modify the app to be more user friendly.

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