Our Computer Science class was visited by one of the people in charge of the Tech Rodeo event. The Tech Rodeo event is an educational event that teaches teachers how to properly use technology in their classrooms. Once we were told what type of the app they wanted, groups of two or three created apps based on what the Tech Rodeo organizers wanted. In the end, the apps of each group were judged by the organizers of the event. The best app would then be used as the main app of the Tech Rodeo event. Our app was chosen.

What it Does

The app has multiple purposes. It could be used to find your way through the event, it could be used to post images or comments on social media, and it can be used to play a small game. The app has a map feature that can be helpful when you can't seem to find your way to a session. The user is able to click on a location and that location will be circled on the map. The app also has a social media feature. The main social media platform the event was using was Twitter. We incorporated a feature that allows the user to post or comment on Twitter within the app. The app also has a small achievement game. This game is great to use to share with other attendees what you've done at the event. The app gives a list of achievements that can be completed throughout the event. You can post your achievements as you complete them. The achievement tracker displays the achievements of everyone using the app at the conference.

How we built it

We built it using a mobile app development website called MIT App Inventor and in collaboration with Tech Rodeo. The app was tested using the Lenovo Yoga tablets.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge that we ran into was trying to get all of the different features to work in the app. We kept getting a lot of bugs in our coding. Sometimes, they were small bugs that could be fixed really fast, while other times they were large and we had to start the coding all over again to get the feature to work properly. In the end, we got all of the different features working properly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The main accomplishment that we are proud of was the achievements feature of the app. This feature gave us the most difficult and it took a long time for us to finish it. When we did finish this feature, we were really happy that we got it working and that we got it working properly. The app has a list of achievements that could be checked off. Once an achievement is checked it would be stored in a Firebase database that would then be sent to a separate screen to allow all the attendees to see others achievements.

What we learned

We got a better understanding of coding. We learned that while programming, it is important to know what every piece of code will do and how it will affect the outcome of the final result. We also learned what it is like to work with a client. We learned how to communicate with the client and how to take the suggestions made by the client and incorporate them into the app.

What's next for Tech Rodeo App

The Tech Rodeo app Is complete and was used for a one-day event. There will be no further updates made to it. We hope that our app will inspire other teachers to teach their students computer programming. we want other students to experience the fun in programming as well as how to solve challenges within programming.

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