I wanted to create a portfolio for myself and thought it would be a cool idea to let others be able to create their own portfolios online and have them hosted on an URL as well.

What it does

When you go to our website you will be prompted to create an account. Once you create an account you will then be able to create your own portfolio. After you portfolio is created you will then have the option to edit or add new components. Each component has different input requirements and allows for unique CSS.

How I built it

I build it using Node JS, Express, MongoDB along with HTML and CSS on the front end.

Challenges I ran into

AWS student competition needed a college email and because I did not have that I was not able to compete. The .tech competition was having domain problems, which I emailed them about and the problem was not fixed in time so I could get a tech domain. The challenge free DNS was unable to be bind to Heroku, and I couldn't use AWS.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I finished.

What I learned

  • AWS is off the table until I go to college, so is

What's next for Tech Portfolio

Create more data components so that portfolios will have more options.

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