Being confined in the college as a B.Tech student one always look forward to the various news apps available today. But we have to face certain issues like serving of irrelevant news , not understanding certain terms and other information related to the particular news article. Then we heard of India's largest media hackathon which will provide a platform for solving these issues and we did not want to miss this golden opportunity to carry forward our ideas to the masses.

What it does

Indepth is a web application which enhances user interaction. Starting right from the news segregation according to the user it helps you to ask questions about the news and know their answers. Also one can login to answer questions and hence not only gain knowledge but also earn some money in terms of rewards for correct answers. It brings you news from the most trustworthy news brands. Indepth also provides a related articles section to show news related to the articles added in the favorites section.

How we built it

We built is using the MEAN Stack

Challenges we ran into

There were challenges like to have an idea about how the investors will earn profit from the product in long run, why the users will use only this product and to make our product handy, cheap, feasible and easily available for the masses.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With a attractive user interface Indepth asks you for the category you want to select, provides you with a list of some of the most famous news channels related to the selected category, fetches news from there and also gives you an option of adding news articles of your choice to the favorites section once you login. Comments, questions and answers can be added to below every news article. Thus we are proud to contribute our bit towards a better society.

What we learned

We learnt that not only coding but various other areas of importance like source of future profit for the investors, other beneficiaries like the feasibility of he product have also to be taken care of to make a successful product.

What's next for Tech Knights

Solving more such real life practical problems and participating in more hackathons to contribute towards a better India.

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