Our team was inspired by the Ford Pass app itself, along with similar projects like My Jaguar InControl. We set off to make a streamlined app to view your vehicle's status and info and issue it remote commands, all from one interface.

What it does

Our application utilizes the provided API to present the user with a clean interface to view information about their Ford vehicle. We used Google Maps API to show the user their vehicle's location, and also implemented a remote lock/unlock button.

How we built it

The application was built using React, and styled using Bootstrap. We utilized the Google Maps API as well, using a basic account for development purposes.

Challenges we ran into

Learning how to use React for this project was the largest undertaking. We also initially struggled with utilizing the API's authorization features, and ensuring fetched data was up to date after POST calls.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of overcoming the accomplishments listed above, as well as producing a functional proof of concept in the course of three weeks.

What we learned

We learned not only about the technologies we utilized in this project, but also how to organize and coordinate work in a team.

What's next for Tech Connect

We look forward to working together on similar projects and Hackathons in the future!

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