We designed Tech Check because we heard about all the recent controversy over sexism in the tech field. We think it’s important for women in tech to be able to find workplaces that value them. As women who are pursuing tech careers, we feel this issue is incredibly relevant to our own lives as well as those of our peers and other professional women. We decided to create a web platform that allows female developers to rate companies based on their work environment, sort of like a Rate My Professor for tech companies. These companies are ranked on diversity, mobility, transparency, and environment, which we believe are key values for a positive work experience.

Our original goal was to use the Glassdoor API to create a database of tech companies that our users could rate and search, but we ran into a couple issues in implementing this. We also didn't have enough time to create listings for multiple companies, so our website currently only shows the functionality for viewing rankings, reviewing, and browsing past reviews. Another one of our issues was dealing with fonts. Since we designed much of the page on a Mac, many of the built-in fonts did not transfer over to a PC. Finally, although we created a domain name and used Amazon Web Service to host our website, we were unable to link the two in time for judging.

Developed and designed at AthenaHacks 2017 by UCI students Michelle Lee, Nehal Desai, Alexis Scheerer, and Emma Anderson.

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