Sometimes we can't just be at a computer to do Leetcode problems. We might have to cook, clean, or not want to get up off our bed to grab our labtop. So having a hand-free, quick and simple way to study coding question is a great way to use that google mini sitting at home.

What it does

It allows users to have mini study session where google home can help people study for programming questions (or really any other subject). It will test you on a bunch of questions you (and others) made and then record the score. This way you can see how well you know your stuff.

To better promote this collaboration we made a website that people can submit questions that then would get added to the list (or edit from google docs).

How we built it

The main three components are: Google Console, Jovo, and React

Challenges we ran into

Google Home mini only gives you a few seconds to answer back making more complex questions harder to frame. Recording audio so you can make self notes on each question to reflex on later.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to provide a framework that uses both Google Sheets, React, and Google Assist together.

What's next for Tech-Assist

Personalized Notes to allow users to walk through their ideas on how to solve different problems Wider array of question randomization so people don't just memorize the answer, but really know their stuff

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