Teapots By Keithen 2015 January 15


Teapots is a casual game being developed cross-platform for the iOS and Android mobile devices. Gameplay consists of two parts. Initially, you are flying amongst a fleet of teapots, which you shoot up ala Asteroids. The gimmick is that, if you fly down the spout of any of the teapots, you will wind up playing a level from the arcade game, Tempest; a tempest in a teapot!


The teapots are from the OpenGL Utility Toolkit, glut. There are 96 teapots, each containing one of the levels from the Tempest arcade game. The teapots exist within a globular universe so that, if you fly straight ahead, you will wrap right back into the field of play. So you will be flying in a cloud of teapots. When I saw the Epson Moverio BT-200 at the most recent AnDevCon, I knew immediately that it would be great to implement Teapots for the 3D goggles to give that feeling of being immersed in a cloud of teapots.

At first pass, you can play by shooting up the teapots and having them explode. For more advanced play, you can fly down the spout of any teapot to gain more points playing Tempest within.

The Tempest portion of the game also lends itself to 3D. The arcade game is based on enemies that you must destroy which are coming out of a 3D tube at you. I have already released a version of Tempest for the Atari 5200 Super System that is available through the Atari Age magazine http://atariage.com/forums/topic/208673-5200-tempest-now-available/.

The application is being developed using the Marmalade cross-platform development environment. As part of this project, I propose to port the Moverio SDK to work as a Marmalade extension that I would make available to other developers.


Funding this project would not only develop a simple to master, fun, memorable game, but also provide a Moverio Marmalade library to expand the developer audience for the Epson BT-200.

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