Give back to society in hard time with our knowledge, experience, and a tool that was made for that. Together, we managed to build a platform that is ready to go live.

What it does

Bring teacher, students, and parents together on one single platform. This allows every user to have everything they need at their fingertips.

How we built it

Scrum methodology, Salesforce platform, APEX, and a team of experts with a very diverse background.

Challenges we ran into

Time, virtual team work. It would have been easier and we might have came faster to results. The 1-min. pitch video requirement was a big challenge and surprise to us as we would have loved to show the complete ready to go live platform. We overcame and delivered what was expected.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We could build a complete platform that is ready to go live. We worked on a diverse and newly put together team. It was impressive how smooth and good the team worked together.

What we learned

The teamwork between DevOps and Business. Impressed, what can be done in 48h with the right people and the right technology.

What's next for TeaPort - The Social Learning Portal For Education

Getting first schools as early adopters and having more feedback from stakeholders to smoothen the platform

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