Serving mankind is the basic responsibility of any individual. Today, with same thought we all gathered together. While Silicon Valley is one of the most affluent places in the USA, hunger is still an issue. Statistics suggest that one in five kids in the USA do not get the food they need to lead a healthy life. On one side where there are so many hungry people, every day around 30 percent of food is wasted. We tried our bit by providing a platform to supply this food for hungry poor people. We actively partner with many food distributors to build transnational relationships and renew communities. Our view of poverty is holistic and complex. Our solutions are innovative and community-specific. We honor the people we serve by inviting them to contribute to the process. More than anything, we want to see people thrive. Thus we try to bring a little change.

## Our Solution

We have developed a simple to use location-based Android app for this problem. As soon as the user opens the app they are presented with a real-time map showing where the nearby food resources are available. The user can then select any of these locations. If the user decides to go to one of these places he/she can simply tap to navigate. We have also enhanced our App with the notification alerts where the user gets notified as soon as a food resource becomes available in his neighbourhood . Thus the user can be informed about where the food is, and can reach the location in time. We made sure that at no point the user is required to sign up or fill a form as this could be a deterrent.

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