Hackers who join hackathon events often experience team-up challenge. We tried different tools telegram, online spreadsheet or still didn't help a lot. Inspired by a mathematical case study called "stable marriage problem", we are asking ourselves how we can change our perspective by examining this network level; how this 500 community can cooperate effectively and all our hackathon experience are improved.

What it does

A simple dApp with smart contract invites and guides participants to make vote decisions to form hackathon teams.

  • Leader or idea initiator use Idea Board to post ideas with 2 minimum inputs (Industry & Tagline).
  • Hackers are asked to join an anonymous preference voting with 3 choices on idea and role combinations.
  • Team lead performs f2f sharing with continuous voters on ideas and officially form a team relationship with selector.

We enable open and flexible rules thoughtfully to respect nature of network dynamics and human motives. for example:

  • We do not force all the ideas need to be listed first. Ideas can come any time before selected closing time.
  • Team lead makes the first move to rally the interest and mission. Hackers have rights to change their votes but at a given time, no more 3 votes are allowed.
  • When team is formed, notification should be visible to the community, so rest of us can still focus on getting team decisions out.
  • We understand there are other data points like talent experience and personal event goals can also be useful to provide better matching. We leave out due to execution constraint.

How we built it

  • Address information modelling challenge to purposely choose a simple, relevant and effective strategy.
  • Analyze network dynamics and their signals. Pick critical and easy to implement functions for hackathon.
  • Focus on delivering solidity end to end experience with certain degree test code coverage.

Challenges we ran into

  • Real problem here, pitch to many hackers, very few to secure talent.
  • Team doesn't have front-end experience; we have in our mind some cool UI, but we cannot show it.
  • Many small programming huddles, not effective debugging.
  • Like others, didn't sleep a lot for 2 days, exhausted but still learning and hacking.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Observation of real problem nearby that has high relevance for right timing and right group.
  • Solving this has a profound impact to introduce game changing cooperation flexible, effective and inclusive.

What we learned

  • Always spend time on simplification on design and implementation.
  • Still a big fan of test-driven development. More frequent testing; many small milestones, it feels good.

What's next for TeamUp Simplified

  • Write a blog, Collect feedback, Social experiment on meetup or future hackathon.
  • Work on a cool UI.
  • Enhance the protocol and integrate with social collaborative platform.

Codes are tested working with test coverage! Only 2 hours sleep from Friday Afternoon To Sunday Morning. But we made it! :)

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