inpiration from building this block is when I'm running task management in airtable I want to easy to find out my activity and team and discussion

What it does

this block have 2 feature that is

-TeamActivity viewing all the changes real time based on field that want to track can sort the changes by latest,oldest and filter it by selected field that user want -TeamDiscussion discussing issue or blocker ,ceeate topic and comment in that topic

How I built it

using fullstack airtable(API,block,UI component), connecting between table,and many more

Challenges I ran into

many challenge I get from this hackathon :), but it's fun when I can resolve it

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-filtering by user customization field -sorting by latest and oldest changes activity

  • realtime update change activity using warchable -automation for creating table and field -make chatroom for discussing issue or blocker ## What I learned
  • many knowledge about airtable (api, block sdk, ui component) -my first time for learning react hook in this peoject ## What's next for TeamUp! - Realtime Update Activity Feed and Discussion
  • make it be super block with creating features all in one collaboration tool in TeamUp! Block for improving team collaboration airtable user

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