Zoom breakout rooms can be awkward. We want to fix this issue by creating a survey and game that analyzes the students and groups them into similar breakout rooms. At the end the teacher (or any event planner) can download the csv file and insert it into zoom to customize breakout rooms. This can also be used for non-zoom events to put students or event-goers into groups with similar people. This will create a better a learning and productive environment where students may feel more inclined to communicate with their peers.

What it does

A host creates a room by entering their email, and a class ID will be automatically generated. Then, the host either picks a short activity of questionnaires and a long activity of a murder mystery game. The desired breakout room size also needs to be specified. The participants enter the room with the class ID, along with some general information such as email and name, and complete the activity picked by the host. The results are then analyzed using Google Cloud Natural Language API to group the participants together based on the desire breakout room size.

Used Node.js and Express.js to develop the backend for out site.

Github Repo: https://github.com/Dixontirtayadi/Teamster

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